Sipping moonshine with Warren Etheredge

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I’m on the other side of the lens for a change in this recent interview with Warren Etheredge, on his cool show “The High Bar.” We sipped two kinds of moonshine I brought along and talked about NASCAR, the South, and Driving with the Devil. (Note to self: next time, before appearing on camera, look […]

Paris Review author interviews, now online = gift to writers

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In my basement office, among the rows of books about writing, are three well-thumbed volumes of author interviews collected from The Paris Review, whose issues have featured one or two interviews since the magazine’s founding in 1953 (by a group of writers and editors, including George Plimpton and Peter Matthiessen). A New York Times story today describes […]

My interview with author Steven Johnson

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Steven Johnson (author of “The Ghost Map” and “The Invention of Air”) visited Barnes & Noble in Seattle’s University Village last week to discuss his latest book, “Where Good Ideas Come From.” Afterward, I asked him about the routines of his daily writing life. Because his new book explores the history of ideas, particularly the circumstances […]

Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, on writing

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife When the 74-year-old Peruvian novelist won the Nobel Prize for literature this week, I checked The Paris Review‘s amazing online trove of archived author interviews and found a 1988 interview in which Llosa talks about writing routines… He writes in longhand, 7 days a week, for about two hours (or […]