Archived astro-photos & the visual digitization of history

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One of the more enjoyable phases of writing a non-fiction book is reaching the home stretch and compiling photos. I’m not quite at that stage yet in my biography of Robert Ripley. (Although here’s a sampling of pics that’ll likely end up in the book). It’s been seven years since I collected photos for my […]

Agatha Christie’s Notebooks

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In a recent New Yorker I read about the matron of mystery’s recently discovered notebooks, children’s school exercise books in which she worked out some of her novels’ plots. Some of the pages had already been scribbled on by her daughter – penmanship practice and other school work – but Christie used the blank pages […]

End-of-summer updates – and an exhale

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So ends a summer of wackiness – house guests, van-driving kids around to skateparks, and the passing of a loved one. (One summer highlight was a road trip with my dad and two sons to Utah’s Zion & Bryce national parks. Here’s a slideshow of our adventures. Plus two summer skate vids: 1 & 2.) […]